I'm writing a book!

As promised to subscribers last week, I have some big, exciting news to share. I’M WRITING A BOOK. A couple of weeks ago, my brilliant agent and I sold my debut novel to Harper Collins. It has been almost impossible for me to keep this secret, as I have no ability to keep secrets really at all.

I’ve been writing this book for a little over two years now. I used it to process through a lot of things I needed to process, but mainly I used it as a place to be more risky in my work: to take chances, and try new forms, and not get bogged down in the idea that writing can be only a job sometimes and not an art.

There’s nothing to do now with this. I have to do another edit and then it will take another year to get every duck in line for publications, but imminently, I will have a book. It feels exciting and terrifying and fake. The process of getting to this point has been exhausting, and I’m sure at some point I will write about that for subscribers, but for today (for this week) I’m trying to only luxuriate in this rare happiness.

Happy Friday!