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An update on this newsletter

Good morning my little sour worms,

If you are a subscriber, you already know that I started a new job yesterday (!), which means that I will almost certainly have less time to write this newsletter. That said, I am an idiot who craves being overworked, so it is also not going anywhere.

I will still be sending every Friday’s letter complete with my recommendations, my feelings, my personal news, and really good old ladies of literature for you to enjoy. You can subscribe here if you haven’t already and want guaranteed content

The Tuesday (free) newsletter will be changing.

Because I will now be busier, the Tuesday newsletter will come… well…whenever I feel like it?

BUT!! Because I now have the financial stability (paycheck) of a staff job, that also means that I can afford to bring you MORE GUEST POSTS. Remember when you got two hella good posts in one week by some very good writers about a forgotten WWI novel about ambulance drivers and why you should read more trans stories? We will be doing more of that!

The money donated by subscribers (thank you subscribers!!) will now be used to fund more people to bring you more stories about writers who have been written out of literary history!

These posts will pay! I will edit them for clarity, and they will be sent to you whenever we have them. Please do forward this to your friends, your family, and your enemies who love books and might read cool ones that I can add to my never ending stack. Sometimes, I will still send the Tuesday email myself! We will see how it goes.


Some other things:

Friend of the newsletter Katy Waldman published a very informative and rather fun piece on The New Yorker this week about the history and use of the term “beach read.” Personally, (as someone who read Proust last summer at the beach) I think anything can be a beach read if you just believe.

The New York Review of Books just released a beautiful reissue of one of my favorite memoirs: Life With Picasso by Francoise Gilot, who was Picasso’s third wife and had every reason to hate all of his guts. Look at this beautiful cover featuring a self-portrait by Gilot herself.

you can buy it here!

[[painting at the top is “Morning Perusal” by Antonio Parreiras (1916)]]