We present women writing like it’s a new thing because the women who came before us have been WRITTEN OUT out of the literary canon, WRITTEN OUT of history, WRITTEN OUT of contemporary literary coverage.

This newsletter will attempt to remedy some of that: to bask in a beautiful turn of phrase, to luxuriate with a perfect opening sentence, to sunbathe in art we’ve forgotten. It’s a *blog* for women in literature (old, new, and forthcoming): a gathering place for their coverage and their exclusion. It will dredge up old novels and the drama that goes with them. It will include interviews with contemporary leaders in women’s literature. There will be a recurring feature that pairs a great old book by a woman with a great new release, and another that does close readings. I will share fun charts and fun rumors and try and get some people in publishing to talk about the T.V. show “Younger.” I will bring you sentences so perfectly constructed they’ll last a thousand years. Hopefully it will eventually include interviews with new authors and reported features.  

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A newsletter about the women who have been written out of the literary canon, written out of history, and written out of contemporary literary coverage. Written by freelance writer Kelsey McKinney.